What’s Happening in South Beach in May 2017

May in Miami means heat, parties and, well, more heat and even more partying! This May has a great line up of events, with something for everyone. There’s a great mix of spring festivals, family friendly events and of course, some serious partying to be had. Check out our top picks for things to do around South Beach this May.

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Brew at the Zoo

Where do party animals belong? The zoo, of course! On May 7, Zoo Miami will hold its annual Brew at the Zoo, with over 100 beers from all over the world. Buy tickets ahead of time here for $50, or pay $80 at the door.


Miami Museum Month

Need to get out of the heat for a few hours? Why not cool off in one of Miami’s many great museums? May means museum month, and this year organizers have prepared a “museum hop”. Think pub crawl, but with less booze and more culture. Participating museums include the Perez Art Museum Miami, History Miami and the Miami Children’s Museum. Museum Month runs from May 1 through to May 31st, so you’ve got plenty of time to make the most of it!


Taste of Haiti

On May 14, the MOCA Plaza will host a Haitian food extravaganza that will no doubt leave you salivating. Entry is free, and the festival runs from 2pm until 10pm. More details available here.


Aqua Girl

The country’s biggest Women’s Week festival is on its way to Miami. Agua Girl will take over Miami for four days from May 18-21. There’s events all over South Beach and other parts of town, so be sure to check it out. More details here.


Best of the Best Concert

Living up to its name, Best of the Best features some of the biggest and best names in hip-hop, reggae, pop and more. The concert will run throughout the day on May 21. Tickets start at $49, with VIP passes selling for $130. More information here.


World OutGames

For the first time ever, the world’s largest LGBTI sports festival is coming to Miami. From May 26-June 4, there will be daily events, with after parties every night. In total, the games include 450 sports, cultural and human rights events. More information can be found on the official website.


Sizzle Miami

If OutGames isn’t enough, Miami will also be hosting one of the country’s biggest LGBTI party events. From May 25-29, Sizzle Miami will rock the town with five straight days of serious partying. There’s events planned throughout Miami, so check out the main website for more details.


Lego Takeover

Need something to keep the ankle biters occupied? Lego Takeover is taking over Gardens Mall from April 28 through to May 15. Kids (and kids at heart) have the chance to build their own Lego creations, and put them on display for mall goers. Don’t miss out on the Lego jungle! More information can be found on the mall’s website.

6 Weirdest Museums in Miami

Everyone knows Miami has some of the country’s best museums, but did you know it also has some of the weirdest? From electrotherapy to ancient porn, there’s something for every twisted mind to appreciate. Here’s our top picks for the most eccentric, yet most enjoyable museum experiences around Miami.

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  1. The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

If you’re looking for a truly electrifying experience, the Electrotherapy Museum should give you a bit of a jolt. Puns aside, this quirky museum offers visitors an extensive exhibition featuring some of the weirdest examples of 19th and early 20th Century electrotherapy. Many of the exhibits are fine examples of A-grade, turn of the century quack electrotherapy. They also have a great collection of Nikola Tesla inventions. In fact, the museum claims to hold some of the earliest surviving Telsa coils.


  1. Coral Castle Museum

Perhaps the most famous museum on the list, Coral Castle might also be the strangest. For nearly a century, Coral Castle has been impressing visitors with its bafflingly large, complex limestone structure. The structure was built by Latvian immigrant Edward Leedskalnin over 28 years, and is surrounded by some pretty weird urban legends. The story goes that Leedskalnin built the “castle” after being rejected by his fiancée on the eve of their wedding. Over the years, curious locals claimed the Latvian made use of otherworldly abilities to construct the enormous structure. However he got the job done, the result is inarguably a jaw dropper.


  1. World Erotic Art Museum

For an adventure into the glorious world of all things crude and smuty, look no further than the World Erotic Art Museum. This museum might sound a touch tasteless, but it actually offers a fascinating insight into humanity’s long love affair with erotica. The museum features works dating back to the time of ancient Rome, and includes an impressive mix of canvass, tapestry, sculptures and photography. Worth a peek.


  1. Wings Over Miami Air Museum

Perhaps not quite as eccentric as some of the other museums listed, Wings Over Miami still manages to pull a few left fielders. The museum has a focus on Cold War era aircraft, mostly military. Many of the exhibitions offer enlightening insights into the history of air travel, though there’s a few evolutionary dead ends to gawk at. Bring your aviator sunglasses.


  1. ArtCenter

ArtCenter has a bit of everything, and that’s what makes it so weird. There’s a range of rotating exhibitions from contemporary artists, and visitors are also free to peek in at studios of on site artists. The appeal of ArtCenter lies in the fact that you never really know what you’re in for. One moment, you’ll be trying to interpret some local artist’s abstract work; the next, you could find yourself in a jewellery workshop. It’s very unpredictable, but always fun. Best of all, entry is free!


  1. Great Escape Room

WTF is Great Escape Room? Is it a museum, a game or just a twisted joke? The basic idea behind this museum/mind-bending brain melter is to figure out how to actually get out. Each themed room is packed full of clues to help you figure out how to get to the next area. You’ll have to work together with your friends, or other baffled participants in what is unquestionably one of the most unique experiences you’ll have in Miami.

The 5 Best Techno Clubs in South Beach

From mega clubs to underground laboratories of cutting edge techno, Miami’s club scene has well earned its reputation as among the best in the country. It’s diverse, with pretty much something for everyone. That said, here’s our five top picks for the best techno clubs around South Beach. Enjoy!

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Electric Pickle

When talking about clubs in Miami, it’s hard to avoid mentioning Electric Pickle. Since 2009, this place has become the crown jewel of any night out for anyone looking for some solid techno and house. Not everyone can quite put their finger on why, but there’s just something about Electric Pickle that blows the competition out of the water. Perhaps its the custom Dynacord sound system that makes this relatively small club punch above its weight. Maybe it’s the intimate atmosphere, or that slightly edgy vibe – that feeling that anything could go down in this place. Heck, Electric Pickle’s enduring popularity might even just come down to the prices, which are exceptionally reasonable for a club of this caliber. Whatever the reason behind Electric Pickle’s appeal, this place is a non negotiable must visit for anyone passing through Miami.

Mynt Lounge

This South Beach favorite is yet another heavy hitter. Mynt Lounge has an air of exclusivity about it, and much has been made of the fact that its frequented by a number of celebrities. Jennifer Lopez, Sean Penn, Jamie Fox and Giselle Bundchen have all reportedly walked through these doors. However, one big drawback for techno lovers is the fact that although Mynt’s DJs are great at what they do, what they do isn’t always techno. A night here tends to be pretty hip hop heavy, though they still pump out a reasonable mix of house. Even if that doesn’t sound like your scene, it’s worth checking this place out for some of its more unique features, such as the aromatherapy system that bathes the dance floor in invigorating scents.


Located in the heart of South Beach, Trade has a bit of a mixed reputation. It’s unpretentious, and always pumps out a great mix of EDM. The DJs always know what they’re doing. Plus, the drink specials can be surprisingly good value. However, a few things let Trade down. For one, the sound system isn’t as great as somewhere like Electric Pickle, and the floor isn’t exactly spacious. Expect to have about as much room to breathe as you would on the NYC subway. Also, this place is all about EDM – so if you want a little variety you’ll have to go elsewhere. For the rest of us though, this place is a gem.


A local secret, this underground style club doesn’t look that promising from outside. Inside, however, you’ll find a solid lineup of EDM. The DJs are consistently brilliant, and the crowd tends to be a loyal mix of locals, meaning it doesn’t feel like a tourist trap. The only one big downside is that prices tend to be a bit ridiculous. If you can deal with that though, this is a fun night out.


If you want to pretend you’re in Vegas, then LIV is the place. The place is legendary for its top end luxury, and also for its pretty harsh door staff. Good luck getting in if you’re not a celebrity. If you do get past the door, expect to blow through a few grand on a slow night here.