Best Indian Restaurants in South Beach Miami

We all hanker over a decent curry every so often, and luckily, South Beach delivers. Here, we’ve put together a list of some of the best Indian restaurants in and around South Beach. They’re in no particular order, with all of them guaranteed to spice up your day.

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Bombay Grill Miami

A classic among locals, Bombay Grill Miami is easily among the best established Indian restaurants anywhere in Miami. It’s one of the crown jewels of the South Beach culinary scene, with an amazing variety of Indian staples on offer. They’re particularly good with vegetarian and Jain food. The only one gripe to have is with that music they put on, which can be a little loud. Having said that, the service is second to none, and the décor is as tasteful as the food on your plate.


Bombay Darbar

The recently relocated Bombay Darbar is yet another Miami classic. The new location is much larger than the old place, meaning it’s much easier to get a seat. Their prices are extremely reasonable given the quality, with some of the most popular dishes including their vegetarian biryani and fantastic chicken vindaloo. Be warned though: many of their dishes are pretty spicy. If you’re not up for some serious sweating, then be sure to confirm with the waiter when you order. They’re always happy to tone down the spice when asked; likewise, they’re even happier to turn up the heat on request. Of course, be careful what you wish for!


Ayesha Saffron Indian Restaurant

Saffron has a pretty broad menu of Indian favorites, for good prices. It’s not quite the same level of amazing quality you might expect from Bombay Grill or Darbar, but it’ll hit the spot. Their tandoori is particularly good, and justifies a visit on its own.


Raja’s Indian Cuisine

It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but Raja’s really packs a punch. It prides itself on home-style southern Indian cuisine, and it sure does deliver. Those samosas are steaming parcels of joy, and their mango lassi is second to none. However, Raja’s really comes into its own at lunchtime, when it brings out an array of ridiculously well priced specials. Seriously, this is the place to be if you want a solid Indian lunch.


Taste Buds of India

Slightly further afield, Taste Buds of India is a bit of a haul from South Beach. Having said that, no discussion of Miami’s Indian foodie scene would be complete without at least mentioning this local favorite. Everyone loves Taste Buds of India. Admittedly, it’s a chain with a buffet, which may put some people off. However, once you get in, you’ll realize what you’d been missing. This place has great service, better food and some good deals. The buffet is actually genuinely good, making this place perfect for anyone with a big appetite.


Zaika Indian Restaurant

Not far from Taste Buds of India, you’ll find Zaika. Much like Raja’s, Zaika specializes in single, no nonsense favorites. It’s pretty cheap, and service is quick. Sometimes the portions can be on the small size though.

What’s happening in South Beach in June 2017

Is there anywhere better in summer than Miami? If there is, we haven’t heard of it! This year, summer is kicking off with a bang in South Beach, with a melange of cultural events. There’s film festivals, foodie fun and a few big parties coming down the pipeline. So without further ado, here’s our top picks for events around South Beach in June.

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Miami Film Month

June means movies in Miami, and the Miami Film Festival has to be the crown jewel of the month. Now in its third year, this film festival runs from June 1 to 30, and offers some great value. Participating theaters are offering tickets for just $8. There’s a big focus on independent films, though there really is something for everyone. So far, six cinemas are participating, and more details can be found here.


Short Play Festival at the City Theater

If movies aren’t your style, why not get a little classy and check out a play? From June 1 to July 2, the City Theater will be hosting its 22nd Short Play Festival. This festival serves up short slices of drama, usually around 10 minutes. Tickets start at $39, which is a great deal for anyone hankering for a bite-sized portion of culture. More details are available at the official website.


Taste of the Caribbean

What better way to usher in summer than with a bowl of callaloo or some classic bammies with a modern twist? From June 6 to 10, the Taste of the Caribbean will bring the best cuisine of the tropics to Miami’s doorstep. Hosted by the Hyatt Regency Miami, this foodie festival is backed up by a team of award-winning chefs. Don’t expect your average street stall grub though; for just $55 a head, you can expect some of the most cutting edge cuisine this side of Kingston. More details here.


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in Concert

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, then you better head to the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts on June 10. That’s when Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in Concert is set to premiere. This event allows visitors to enjoy the magic of the first Harry Potter film in the company of a live symphony orchestra. More information here.



Any rock fans better head to the Sun Life Stadium on June 11, when U2 will be appearing as part of their Joshua Tree Tour. Tickets start at $35, and can be booked through the official website.


2nd Annual Black Hollywood Weekend

From June 14-18, South Beach will be taken over by the country’s largest African descendant cinema festivals. Black Hollywood celebrates the best of African American film, with a great mix of well-known films and off-the-beaten-track productions. Find out more here.


Diana Ross at the Arscht

Named “Female Entertainer of the Century” by Billboard magazine, Diana Ross doesn’t exactly need an introduction. On June 25th, the Queen of Motown will be performing at the Arsht Center for one night. To see this classic rock legend live, find out the details here.

Where to Kite Surf in South Beach & Miami

If there’s one thing everyone loves about Miami, it has to be the beaches. However, many of these beaches aren’t just good for sunbathing; some offer genuinely decent launches for kite surfing. Frustratingly though, many of Miami’s beaches have strict limitations on kite surfing, though there’s still a few places where you can relax and get some solid quality time with the water. Indeed, Miami and South Beach have an alright mix of easy and somewhat technical launches, with most being fairly easily accessible. So, here’s a few of our top spots for kite surfing around Miami.

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Crandon Park

Crandon Park is one of two major kite surfing beaches in Miami. This watersports concession park is carefully managed, and you’ll have to follow the rules carefully. To even get in, you’re going to need an IKO/PASA level III certificate off the bat. You can get a quick introduction when you register on entry with Miami Kiteboarding. They’ll explain the basics, which pretty much just involve staying within designated areas. If you can deal with this red tape, you’ll have some calm, shallow waters and decent NNE, easterly or south winds to look forward to.


Matheson Hammock Park

The second major kitesurfing area is Matheson Hammock. If you’ve already visited the above-mentioned Crandon, then there should be few surprises here. Expect tight rules, including entry requirements proving you’re already a proficient sportsperson. Once you get on the water, remain within the designated buoys, and you’ll have a stunning beachline to soak up.


It’s a matter of some debate which of the two major parks has the edge over the over. Some locals prefer Crandon, while others swear by Matheson Hammock. In general, there isn’t too much difference. Crandon is usually a little busier, and probably the more popular of the two by a whisker. Matheson Hammock, however, does consistently offer slightly calmer waters, lending itself a little better to freestyle training. Overall though, both Matheson Hammock and Crandon are more or less the same deal.


Key Biscayne

Not far from Matheson Hammock, Key Biscayne is a somewhat less well known alternative to the big names. It’s also absolutely beautiful, with a picture-perfect beach front replete with palm trees and some decent places to grab a bite to eat. It can sometimes be a little less busy than Crandon.


Miami Beach

Miami Beach is beloved by locals and tourists alike. Unfortunately, if you’re a kite surfer, then Miami Beach doesn’t love you back. Kite surfers have repeatedly been banned from this beach, though that doesn’t mean it’s totally off limits. Beach patrol has been known to tolerate kite surfers when crowds are low. For your best chance, arrive before or after hours. Launch well away from the bulk of beach-goers, keep a wide berth from swimmers, and you might just be ok.


87 Street

The beach on 87th offers deep, choppy waters. The easterlies can come in to the shore, and there’s only one, extremely narrow corridor for launching. On top of this, there’s usually a lot of swimmers, especially on weekends.


21 Street

From 21st onwards, you can expect more deep waters with some serious chop. On top of this, this stretch of coastline is massively popular with swimmers; so be warned. Having said that, on good days a well-seasoned kite surfer can have a good time around here. On the other hand, if you’re a beginner, you’re strongly recommended to give this area a miss.