Accuracy in Red

South Beach is located on a 23 block stretch along the southern coast of the main barrier island separating the Atlantic Ocean from Biscayne Bay. This strip is still home to the best Miami Beach hotels. The most obvious reason why trip and travel listings accurately place the Red South Beach Hotel in Miami is that South Beach has been a luxurious neighborhood of Miami, Florida since it was incorporated in 1915.

Art Miami Beach

South Beach development began in 1910 with the efforts of John S. Collins. After three years of construction, the Collins Bridge provided the first land link between mainland Miami and the island beaches. South Beach was the first area of Miami Beach to be developed and hotels in South Beach set the standard for an elegant carefree getaway.

South Beach was the heart and soul of the new beach communities that attracted wealthy elite “beautiful people” to live and play in Miami. South Beach or “SoBe,” can be said to have done for Miami what the “Las Vegas Strip” did for the city of Las Vegas. The new land boom here soon spread from South Beach to the rest of Miami. From the beginning, South Beach has been known for it’s striking Miami Beach hotels.

Throughout the ’20s and ’30s the popularity of “new” Art Deco, and Modern architecture took over the beach community. Over the years South Beach has undergone a continued revolution. Some of the first flighty young vacationers have retired here. A new wave of celebrities come to “party” at Miami Beach. SoBe music, theater and playful upscale nightlife continue to attract the leisure bound visitor.

Art Miami BeachToday South Beach stands out as having the largest collection of Streamline Modern and Art Deco architecture in the world. Nearly every hotel in South Beach has complimentary décor that enhances this experience. Miami boutique hotels have an “avant-garde” atmosphere that puts you in mind of an F. Scott Fitzgerald sojourn. Not any other hotel in South Beach is a rival to the Red regarding the amount of paintings and sculptures displayed within the hotel facilities.

Not only is South Beach technically part of Miami; it has a special place in history that helped make Miami become the thriving vacation mecca it is today. The only place that the Red South Beach Hotel could belong is where it rightfully stands out as one of those unique and special boutique hotels that drive people to stay in Miami.

Birds of a feather flock together

Luxury Hotel MiamiOne of the most exciting places one can visit for fun, entertainment, and adventure is Miami Beach, and when planning your trip, one of the most important factors is always finding a hotel. As is the case with most visitors, many look for an affordable South Beach hotel but by making price your #1 concern; you can miss out on a large part of the charm of an elegant and chic hotel in Miami Beach.

When choosing between South Beach hotels, finding one that suits your interests should be at the top of your list when planning your trip. Whether you are choosing for live music entertainment, beaches, luxury, the social atmosphere, art or whatever it might be, the right hotel can accommodate all of those interests and more.

Many of the most notable music artist perform at luxury hotels and private beaches afforded to them by the hotels, and many of them are made only available to the hotel guests. This is just one example of the importance of choosing the right hotel in Miami Beach. Another luxury of staying in a chic hotel is the amazing art. Instead of fighting crowds in a nearby art gallery, you can enjoy private collections of artists in your own hotel. While there may be many clubs, bars, etc. that are very exciting on Miami Beach, there are many hotels that offer an active social atmosphere in lounges, restaurants, bars, and even private clubs. These and many more are examples of why your hotel choice will be the corner stone in a trip that you will not soon forget.

Miami Beach Hotel Rooms

Also, because of the large amounts of affordable south beach hotels, you have an opportunity to explore South Beach while living in luxury. The many hotels in Miami Beach are 5 stars all the way. They offer you luxury as you have never experienced at an affordable price. Like nowhere else in the world, Miami Beach hotels offer top of the line customer service and hospitality.

A hotel says a lot about who you are. When you are exploring an exciting venue like Miami Beach, you will want to fully indulge in this very unique entertaining atmosphere. An unpleasant hotel will certainly take away from your trip. This is why you want to choose one of the elegant hotels that Miami Beach has to offer.

Honey Pie or Honeymoon

As the “new kid on the block” the renovated Red South Beach Hotel is well known for its wow appeal. This is for the honey moon couple looking for a surreal experience to transport them to another land and another place.

South beach hotel room

Out of the considerable selection of South Beach hotels that dot the area this Miami boutique hotel stands out head and shoulders above the others. Once you have stepped into The Red South Beach the outside pedestrian world becomes a distant memory. Treat yourself to that special honeymoon which will forever remain extraordinary in the years to come.

Your new reality is set within a romantic backdrop of white draperied rooms paired with a honey-amber or cherry red wall. Large format oil paintings of Italian Renaissance inspired Masters provide a renewed appreciation for the classic figurative themes.
Snow white stretches of sofas in the Scandinavian style are reflected in wall sized gold framed mirrors.

Hotels MiamiJust like your marriage is exceptional, what better way to celebrate your love for each other than to escape the mundane and experience the extra special. Enjoy a cocktail in the vintage glam bar where you can feast your eyes on a retro Coca Cola refrigerator. The backlighting, reminiscent of a Nordic ice hotel, reflects the white timelessness of the high backed, padded bar stools. Lean forward to see the love of your life reflected in the Baroque gold framed mirror hanging behind the bar.

The dining areas in this Miami boutique hotel offer non-traditional perspectives. Fine dining takes place in the pool area where white linen table cloths await memorable culinary experiences. Let the frivolity of a gold Rococo chair entertain you in the lobby while you are waiting for your spouse for an evening stroll through room after room of fine art in this upbeat chic hotel.

Marvel at how the designers married the futuristic 1960s egg chairs and light fixtures with carefully chosen pieces from other time periods to create for you an eclectic artistic ambience within a basic color palette. Choose between poolside cabana style rooms or ocean view rooms. All amenities such as high speed wireless internet, cable tv, refrigerator and laptop use are available.

Take your time enjoying each other’s company in our multi-dimensional Miami Boutique hotel. It is yours to experience at your leisure while our professional staff takes care of all your needs. Experience why this is the crème de la crème of South Beach hotels.