Red South Beach Hotel – Beautiful Hotel for Married Couples

Those readers who are happily married to their soul mates may agree with me about how vital a getaway in a beautiful hotel can be for both of you to strengthen the love bond and dedicate time for each other. Marriages are connected in many ways. Travelling can absolutely be one of them.

Travelling as a married couple can be one of the most rewarding experiences of any couples lives. Some people believe or have this mental picture of “once you become husband and wife the whole sparkle fades away”; well, maybe it is certain that married couples cannot always do what single people have for granted: dating. But as experts have mentioned – taking advantage of the time to be together is the key to making a marriage work.

Don’t worry hubby and wifey, because actually there is an amazing little boutique hotel in the heart of Miami that can light up the fire and boost the affection that was somewhat left out of account….maybe for a while.

Red South Beach Hotel is synonymous of Love Story; the beautiful hotel is one of the most idealistic hotels in Miami which design conveys an atmosphere that may immediately steal every guest’s heart and offer a perfect dream vacation, just like the same South Beach never cease to do.

What Makes Red South Beach Hotel The Best for Married Couples?

This one’s simple; starting with the privacy that the boutique hotel provides to every guest in order to feel in their own love nest. Since the boutique hotel concept is identified by exclusivity, personal attention, conceptual atmosphere and a modern design, it makes possible a more personalized and memorable experience, and the majority of married couples are seeking for an exceptional place where they can finally find togetherness.

Beautiful Hotel in Miami

You will be able to find unique accommodations that won’t make you feel like when you stay at a chain-brand hotel; in fact it greatly distances itself from the uniformity in service and architecture of large chains. Each room has artfully blending baroque elements with contemporary finishes that transmits a fresh and picturesque environment, and to top it off for you, a lovely view of Miami Beach.

Beautiful Hotel - Red South Beach

Chances are that you are one of those couples who find it hard to get away from their comfort zone as they already have children and responsibilities to attend to. What’s great about this beautiful hotel in Miami is how it makes you feel at home but with the perk of being located in a trendy neighborhood which ensures a narrow approach to the essence and vibe of South Beach.

Enjoy a Sunny December Getaway in Miami

If you are seeking for a sunny December getaway, escape to Miami. There is no reason to always relate “chilly season” or “cuddling socks” when the December holidays are getting closer. What if this time of the year you escape from the biting cold, the windy weather, you take off those layers to enjoy a warm and sunny December getaway in Miami, walking around in short sleeves and your bathing suit. Wouldn’t it be a great story to tell on December?

Come to Miami during the season, winter brings out the best in Miami Beach where you’ll be able to find a subtropical adventure in the waterfront; it is alike as if you plan a visit in summer but with a great deal in their prices, plus the ocean water is very comfortable all year-round. What’s great about visiting Miami is that the environment fits any reason why you decided to visit, whether just to relax and sightseeing or enjoy the best of Miami day and night vibe, you will find entertainment 24/7.

Your stay at Red South Beach Hotel will consist in enjoying a cocktail on the poolside; having a nice dinner in one of the hottest spots, Barok, and appreciating an exceptional view of South Beach from the comfort of your room.

So if you are in the mood to take a stroll  around Miami and just relax you can do it with no hesitation and visit the most visited and famous waterfronts such as South Beach, a long seaside of white sand and crystal clear, calm waters where you may lay back and sunbathe… Yes, it is possible to enjoy this kind of vacations in December. You can also find spas and salons to pamper and soothe yourself for a day.

While others will struggle to take off that pale skin tone in tanning beds and have to hibernate during the season, you will be able to show off your natural, glowing peach skin tone thanks to the incredible sunlight that Miami offers during December. People will ask when you get back – “Where did you get that amazing tanning… and on this time of the year?” You won’t regret your December getaway in Miami.

Perhaps you are looking for a vibrant getaway where you can experience the adrenaline, the non-stop nightlife, the good life on the deck of a luxurious yacht and hit the ultra-chic hotspots. You can find these great options in Miami and you can enjoy them during your stay in South Beach, Miami.  SoBe has plenty of choices to do, where everybody just has a good time, and as the song says “No shoes, no shirt, and you still get serviced”. The environment at the beach is so easygoing as long as you bring the correct attitude, people won’t judge you since the area has a cultural diversity like nowhere else in Florida.

If you are planning a visit to Miami for Christmas, you’re doing an excellent choice because you are guaranteed to spend a lovely getaway while you keep the holiday spirit alive in company of your partner. During the day you can enjoy the beach, rent a bike and visit Lincoln Road Mall for some Christmas shopping. The city dresses up with lights, the art deco buildings are enlightened in Christmas colors and there is the chance that you will bump into a Santa wearing a Hawaiian shirt resting in a hammock, but that’s the phenomenal of heading south to Miami Beach. There is no other place where you will watch such incredible view of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Book a room with us at Red South Beach Hotel this December 2015!

Dining In Barok: Here’s What You Need To Know About the Food

Let’s be realistic guys, before we are decided to book at a hotel it’s undoubtedly not to wonder what dining options they offer to their guests. I mean, FOOD and everything that involves that word can truly have an impact and make a difference in our visit to Miami; a successful dining experience at a good restaurant will always be brought to mind whenever we mention what a great getaway it was in Miami, and even more when we have experience both excellent food and service in our stay at a lovely hotel.

Since Red South Beach Hotel is known as a truly unique destination that really stands out the upbeat, sophisticated essence of the heart of Miami, and we work very hard every day to offer our guests a combination of a chic, relax, and sophisticated feel within their stay, we couldn’t ignore the fact that their dining experience needed to be a one-of-a-kind.

This is why we are more than proud and confident to mention you about the great food we offer in Barok. Barok Restaurant opened its cuisine the summer of 2012, choosing Red South Beach Hotel as their hospitality priority.

Dining in Barok Miami

Dining in Barok totally brings the vision of a healthy, tasty cuisine and a relaxed dining experience in one of the hottest areas in Miami Florida. What’s amazing about Barok it’s the exceptional style to transform a dish into a Gourmet Delicatessen easily and match it with a welcoming service from all the staff, in order that our guests may remember an overall experience.

If you are planning a stay at Red South Beach Hotel, the moment you finish reading this you will immediately discover that dining in Barok can definitely give to you the most authentic gastronomical enlightenment, thanks to the chef’s global influence on preparing dishes with recipes of Miami’s symbolic food.

Dining in Barok

If you are in the mood to surprise your other half with a romantic and special date without having to leave your room, Barok Restaurant will strive to offer you and your companion a memorable night.

Dining in Barok Miami FL

You will be able to find in Barok’s fine cooking menu specialties such as the ‘Mushroom Risotto’, a lightly creamy risotto of fresh mushrooms, and the ‘Seafood Risotto’, prepared with shrimp, bay scallops and calamari, a favorite of our guests. To make your dinner even more special and tasteful, top it off with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio.

If you are a meat eater with fine tastes then you will definitely be amazed by our ‘Grilled Filet Mignon’ and our perfectly cut on the grill ‘Skirt Steak with Blue Cheese Sauce’, this divine topping brings out the rich flavors of the steak by letting the taste of the blue cheese combine perfectly with the exquisite taste of the steak. And you cannot pair this dish more entirely than with a glass (or two) of one of the best reserves of Merlot.