The Best Party Boats in Miami

There is no party like a Miami party. Miami parties have a worldwide following with revelers trooping in from different parts of the world to sample Miami’s party scene. Miami parties are not restricted to indoor nightclubs. They take place outdoors with revelers looking to enjoy the outdoors when partying. Boat parties are also quite popular in Miami with the expansive coastline providing the perfect setting for a party. 100+ revelers can gather on a yacht and make merry as they take in views of Miami’s skyline. In this article, we highlight the best boat parties that you can expect to find in South Beach.

party boats miami

Crazy Waves Miami

As the name suggests, you can expect nothing but a crazy party experience when you sign up for this boat party package. This package combines 4 parties into 1 with the fun and games beginning even before you get to the boat. Visitors are treated to a welcome drink when they check in. They then proceed to the party bus for a 30-minute ride to the location of the boat.

The boat party experience is a 3-hour session with nothing but fun water activities, erotic games, and good music. Champagne showers punctuate different events with a professional photographer capturing all the moments. When the boat session ends, revelers are taken to a club in the city for a night of wild fun.

It will cost you just $109.99 to experience this. VIP tickets go for $179.99.

Miami Booze Cruise

Your stay in Miami will not be complete without attending the Miami Booze Cruise boat party. This 3-hour non-stop party provides revelers with amazing views of the city’s skyline as they party and enjoy their favorite drinks. You will only have to pay $99 to experience the best boat party in South Beach.

The check-in spot is Harat’s Lounge where you will receive 2 welcoming drink as you register for the event. A party bus then takes you to Bayside for the ultimate boat party experience. Once at the boat, great music, food, and fun activities await you. Champagne showers and an open bar will ensure that you are always in a party mood.

The party bus then takes you back to South Beach after 3 hours of non-stop partying on a boat.

Miami Sea Party

Enjoy the great Miami skyline with this boat party experience. Miami Sea Party is one of the city’s premier clubbing experiences with champagne showers, Jet Ski rides, and erotic games some of the things to look forward to. There are some great European DJs on the yacht who’ll keep you dancing with the latest hits.

The party starts at the check-in spot where party lovers get a welcome drink as they sign up for the event. A party bus transports revelers from South Beach to Bayside for the boat party. For 3 hours, you get to party like a rock star as you take in stunning views of the skyline.

An after-party in one of the city’s nightclubs follows next.

Tickets go for $120 per person.

Things to do in South Beach Miami August 2019


August is one of the slowest months in South Beach. High temperatures and rain intervals may mean that you have to stay indoors more often but for adventurous people, this is the best time for some outdoor activities since the crowds have thinned out at the beach hence more coastline for you to explore. Other than that, there are other events lined up for you this August and here are some of them.


Miami Spa Months (July 1 – August 30)

Spa lovers have something to celebrate this August. The spa month is entering its second phase and this means more deals and more luxurious treatments at discounted prices. World-famous hotels will be offering up to 50% off for massages and other treatments and this is the motivation you need to go out there and relax as professional masseuses attend to you.

International Ballet Festival (July 27 – August 18)

South Beach has a soft spot for ballet and from July 27 to August 18, ballet companies from different parts of the world will converge in Miami for the International Ballet Festival. Come and witness amazing performances from local and international artists as they perform before captivated crowds of ballet fans. The festival celebrates the past, present, and future forms of ballet and as such, you can expect nothing but tantalizing performances at the event.

Miami Spice Months (August 1 – September 30)

Food lovers have also not been left out this August. The first installment of the Miami Spice Months will go on throughout the whole month of August and this presents food lovers with the chance to sample different cuisines prepared by top chefs within the city. Restaurants all over Miami will be offering meals at discounted rates with lunch/brunch going for $23 and dinner $39. Make your reservation and prepare to be amazed as you sample different meal offerings.

National Rum Day Festival (August 16)

Rum is Miami’s favorite spirit and this festival brings together all rum lovers for a celebration. Come and enjoy your favorite drink and experiment with new brands as you make merry with other patrons. This one-day festival will be held at the Confidante Miami Beach Hotel.

Coconut Grove Food & Wine Festival (August 17)

Attend the Coconut Food and Wine Festival when you are hungry and thirsty for the chance to enjoy the best meals and drinks that tropical Miami has to offer. Sample amazing tastings at the Coconut Grove Women’s Club as you enjoy live music performances.

Urban Film Festival (August 30)

This festival has been set to support young filmmakers who are looking to make a name for themselves in the industry. The event will feature screenings and workshops meant to support young creatives.

Florida Track Day (August 18)

The Homestead Speedway will host the Florida Track Day which intends to provide riders with the chance to test their skills on a supervised track. This world-class facility lets you ride uninterrupted without stop signs or speed limits.


Top 4 Vegan Restaurants in Miami Beach

Florida is not the first state you would think of when it comes to vegan living, but Miami Beach is slowly becoming a vegan paradise. Locals and visitors are increasingly asking for vegan meals in Miami restaurants and to meet this demand, chefs are inventing vegan diets and re-engineering classic meals to appeal to the growing vegan population.

Sumptuous creations from some of the restaurants are proof that vegan meals don’t have to be boring and below we highlight the best vegan restaurants in Miami that you should try out if you are looking to make the shift to plant-based meals.

vegan restaurants south beach

  1. Full Bloom

Owned by vegans, Full Bloom is the first totally vegan restaurant to be set up in Miami Beach. The restaurant prepares delicious meals from organic ingredients that have been sourced locally. A contemporary and sleek dining room provides patrons with a wonderful setting to enjoy their meals. Full Bloom’s menu features French, Italian, Mexican, and Latin inspired cuisines and this makes it the perfect spot to experience other cultures. The truffle farro risotto served at the restaurant is to die for. Other meals that are popular at the restaurant include buckwheat pancakes, chickpea omelets, and their superfoods salad.

  1. Plant Miami

The Plant Miami is an upscale establishment that serves raw vegetable dishes to vegans. Organic ingredients are manipulated to create tasty meals that even non-vegans will enjoy. The ambiance at the restaurant is just great and the expertly crafted dining rooms create the perfect environment for you to enjoy your beet tostada, avocado lime tarts, coconut dumplings or watermelon salads. If you are looking for an upscale vegan dining experience, then the Plant Miami is the place to be.

  1. Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin

The Caribbean-inspired meals at this restaurant are out of this world. Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin offers a delicious dining experience by re-working classic meals to create wonderful delights for its vegan clientele. Clients can have their meals customized to suit their dietary preferences and this is another thing that has made the restaurant a hit with locals. Vegan fish and vegan chicken nuggets are some of the delicacies that you can enjoy at the restaurant and if you want something light, then you can try their juices that are packed with superfoods.

4. Planta South Beach

Planta South Beach is run by the business mogul David Grutman and it is one of the best restaurants that you can visit for a delicious vegan dining experience. The menu is packed with expertly prepared vegan dishes that will leave you asking for more such as Thai salads, lettuce wraps, cauliflower tots, and raw ceviche. Chefs can customize your meal to your liking and this is one of the reasons why the restaurant is always full.